How to install crDroid Android 10 on any device?

crDroid is the most popular ROM like LineageOS on steroids. This Rom is known for its speed, and now it has become a more powerful increase in Performance & reliability over stock Android for your device. This new update of crDroid 6.X based on Android 10 brings new features, enhancements & Improvements to the system.

The CrDroid ROM typically known as crDroid Android is a custom ROM that uses the LineageOS as its base. LineageOS base brings its own benefits, such as clean and secure code with regular security patch meres.

So, in this article, I am going to Review the crDroid custom ROM Based on Android 10, and also, I will be showing you a step-by-step guide to Install this ROM on your Galaxy Grand Prime- SM-G530H fortune3g.

For other devices (Asus, Motorola, LG, Google, Peco, Realme, Sony, Xiaomi, HTC, LeEco) download the link below.

This Rom Developed By Francisco Funes, Senior Member, XDA Developers. Special Thanks.

ROM OS Version: Android 10
Kernel: Linux 3.10X
firmware required: TWRP 3.3
Based on: LineageOS
Status: Stable

Features List:

  • Overall, Pixel looks and feels.
  • ART and BIONIC Optimizations.
  • Over-the-air/OAT notification for officially supported devices.
  • AOSP(Android Open Source Project) Camera.
  • crDroid File Manager-File manager based on Amaze File Manager.
  • Home-Revamped and customized Launcher with Google now integration.
  • Settings- Our own chamber of secrets with below customization settings
  • BT battery status,VoLTE style,VoWiFi style toggle.
  • Also, Battery info toggle.
  • Face auto-unlock for recognized trusted faces.
  • Fingerprint authentication vibration toggle.


This is one of the fastest Android 10 custom ROM which delivers a butter smooth Android 10 experience on your device. From big apps to small apps, it handles the tasks without any hiccups.


Multi-tasking in android 10 has been taken too far. Swiping either left or right from the bottom center will quickly help to switch between multiple apps seamlessly. These navigation gestures are soft or murky & won’t work properly with other Android 10Custom ROMs.

CrDroid Setting:

This ROM also comes with some core setting that helps to customize your Android 10 system so easily. For example, you can add more options to the restart menu which lets you quickly boot into system, recovery, and boot loader, without the need of using volume keys

Now, when it comes to the dark mode you can now toggle the dark theme from the quick tile menu without going into the setting. This works with some third-party applications like google news, google photos, & more.

Bottom Line:

Overall, I would say this ROM is meant for gamers & currently it is the best Android 10 custom Rom which you can install on your supported devices. In the future, you can see more devices will be supported by this Rom.

Install This ROM:

Now if you’re interested in installing this, here is a step by step installation guide of CrDroid 6.X based on Android 10. Please Visit the developer Site. before installing.




Thank you list: @jenslody@daywalk3r666@Exodusnick@SparXFusion@sasi2006166@itexpert.120

Visit official website @
crDroid <device> Telegram
crDroid Community Telegra

You Can Install CrDroid from any Stock or custom ROM. This process requires a clean Installation method. So Backup your important data. I’m not responsible, if anything goes wrong, proceed at your own risk.

First verify your device code name(fortuna3g,primate,fortunave3g). The device code name and Model(G-530H) are not the same. So make sure before downloading. If you install firmware Not Supported Your device, any Problem, issues are your Responsibility. and I am not to help in any way. Advance User only. to Verify. So be Careful

Installation Guide:

  1. Download all the files(Two Files-Rom, Gapps) from the above link & place them on your SD card/Internal Storage.
  2. Then, On Your Current/Stock ROM, Sing out from Google Account, Remove Lock Screen Passwords, Pins. This helps up the Clean Installation hassle, else you may run into any encryption issues.
  3. Then Backup Your Data to your Computer/Laptop Or With TWRP.
  4. Now Boot into TWRP. How to Install- ODIN   TWRP Install With ROOT Essientail Apk. 
  5. Perform clean install, if you are coming from a different ROM Wipe-Advance Wipe- Dalvik/Art-System-Cache-Data.
  6. Then Install Zip ROM File -Select- file and flash it.
  7. Rhen Install Zip Gapps File- gapps.Zip file and flash it.
  8. Once it’s done- Reboot-System.
  9. Enjoy.

Samsung Grand Prime Download Link:












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আপনার ফোন কি স্যামসন্ গ্রান্ড Prime?

আপডেট করতে চান এ্যানরয়েড ১০ এ?

Upgrade Your Android Version.

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How to Install Nougat 7.1.1 Rom on any Android Phone!

Android Nougat 7.1.1 Custom ROM Installation Tutorial for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H XXU. I’m Not Responsible for any damage to Your Phone, do it at Your own risk( This will Void Your Warranty)

I do not own the ROM neither take any Credit for it, all the credit goes to the developers. Special Thanks– This ROM Developed By CaelestisZ Senior Member. XDA Developers.

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
ROM Firmware Required: Latest 5.x Baseband
Status: Beta

Supported Variants:

  • SM-G530H XXU
  • SM-G530H XCU
  • SM-G530M (flash the fortuna3g kernel release)
  • SM-G530BT
  • SM-G530FZ
  • SM-G530F


  • Set Custom DPI
  • Multi-Window
  • Drag and Drop Text
  • Double Tap on Recent button to Switch between recent Apps
  • Enable System UI Tuner
  • Re-Arrange Control Tiles
  • Enable Disable Status Bar Icons
  • Enable Battery Percentage
  • Set App Notification Priority
  • Night Mode
  • Add Emergency Info
  • Use Data Saver
  • Enable Multi-Window for All Apps
  • Quickly Navigate in Setting.

Got Android Nougat on your latest Android Phone? Here are the top 15 Android Nougat features, tips, and tricks you should know about. So don’t forget to check out these cool tips. List of Android Nougat Features.

What’s Not Working:

Variant: SM-G530F-Bluetooth (Toggles on & off when switched on)

All Variants— Video recording (on Some apps)-However Instagram and SC are fully Functional.

Manual Focus on stock camera causes kernel panic.


If You Install this Rom Please Visit Developers Site– Click Here

Required: Your Phone is Rooted & Install TWRP– How-To

ROM: AetherLite_R10

SuperSU: SR5-SuperSU-v2.82-SR5-20171001224502

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How to Install Cydia on iPhone

Cydia What’s

Cydia is free to use any jailbreak tools. It’s a thirty-party app store. Mobile package manager app for iOS devices. This Software not authorized by Apple on jailbroken iPhone,iPod touch devices. It also to a digital distribution platform for software on iOS accessed through Cydia software.

Cydia is also free to include Tweak Box, an external store that contains flash apps, tweak, unofficial games, and thousands of other apps from the iOS app store for free.

When iOS Devices Jailbreak Cydia Automatic Install.

When Android device RootSU(Super User) Automatic Install.

What is Jailbreak? how it works.


Users are advised to use these resources at their own risk.

Top Features:

  • Cydia app contains modification & tweaks that can you used to improve modify or change any part of iOS Devices.
  • Download themes & tweaks to change the appearance of your device.
  • Plenty of unofficial apps and games. 
  • You can add new functions to standard iOS features.
  • Lots of ringtone, wallpapers & other useful features.

Install Instruction:

First– Before performing the jailbreak, you should Backup Your Personal Data on your iPhone or iPad. Connect your phone to a Computer or Laptop via iPhone USB cable & transfer your data to Save them in Your iCloud Account. (Below Picture)

আপনার আই ফোনটি জেলব্রেক করার পূবের্ আবশ্যই আই টিউন, থ্রিইউ টুলস্ বা আই ক্যাউড এ্যাকাউন্টে ব্যাকআ রাখবেন।

Second– After the Backup,deactivate the Code Lock or Touch this feature must be deactivated for the Jailbreak Process.

আবশ্যই স্কীন লক ডিজেবল করে দিবেন।

Third– Find My iPhone Turn Off.

Fourth- Must Be Date & Time- 2 June 2014 2:49PM

Download 3U Tools Click here

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What is Jailbreak? How It Works for iDevice/iPhone.

Most People with an iOS device(iPhone,iPad, or iPod Touch) have probably heard of the term jailbreaking. Maybe you’ve even jailbroken a device, first, you know what is jailbroken actually mean, and what is the process behind it? To jailbreak means gaining the ability to install custom third-party apps on your device. It’s completely legal, but Apple does not want you to do it because they want to control the user experience.

When we get a jailbreak process, Let’s learn how an iOS device Boots up. The iOS involves a series of signature checks & all everything–BoothRom, Bootloader, Kernel, Operating system running is approved by Apple.

After the kernel is loading there are tons of signature checks happening to make sure every file has been approved by Apple——- The main objective for a jailbreak is to either patch the checks or bypass them.

ANDROID phone is ROOTED.  How to Install

iPhone is  JAILBROKEN   IS Same Works. How to

Overall Jailbreaking means bypassing the restrictions Apple puts on the operating system & taking full control of the device. With a jailbroken device, you can install apps & tweaks that are not authorized by the manufacturer company Apple, but you also remove the touch security protection that Apple has built into iOS.

The following most important advantages & features of Jailbreaking an iPhone, iPad, and iPod:

  • Installation & Use of third-party apps.Not available in the Apps Store.
  • Customization of the appearance(icon, boot animation, etc)
  • Enable file sharing between iOS &  Android devices.
  • Access to a hidden iOS system file.
  • Overcome the Bluetooth limitation
  • Ability to uninstall any apps.

How to Check your iPhone jailbroken?

In the iPhone, checking for Jailbteak in not always as simple as Android. There are main things you should do, 

The simplest(but again not always reliable) way is to check if Cydia exists in your iPhone.

When an iPhone is jailbroken the Package manager Cydia (pictured below), which is installed automatically along with many Jailbreak tools, is one of the best-known solutions.

Another way – You install 3U Tools utility in you PC & connect you devices, Click iDevice for more info.(Below Picture)

Risks Associated with Jailbreaking iOS Devices.

Once you jailbreak your phone, you’re entirely on your own risk you may void the warranty you have with your carrier. This means that if somethings wrong, horrible happens to your phone, you can’t rely on AT&T, Verizon, or Apple to fix it.

Apple recommends iPhone and iPad users not to jailbreak their devices since some of the actions done by a jailbreak app are irreversible and can cause permanent file damages to the device.

আপনার ফোন কি স্যামসন্ গ্রান্ড Prime?

আপডেট করতে চান এ্যানরয়েড ১০ এ?

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How to Install Android 10 On Samsung Grand Prime.

LineageOS is the biggest streamlined & widely used Android custom ROM aftermarket among all. More than 15 million active installations of various LineageOS versions on various devices across the globe. I will be showing you a step-by-step guide to Install this ROM on your Galaxy Grand Prime- SM-G530H fortune3g.

This is the biggest major release of Lineage OS & adds support to older devices like Samsung, Google, Motorola, LG, Asua, Xiaomi & many More. download the link below.


It is most important to understand that the custom ROM may be additional custom software that may be harmful & may put your personal info at risk. But Lineage OS has team got your back on this & has clearly mentioned what data do they collect & how. For more information on their privacy policy on Lineage OS ROM & other service users and other legal kinds of stuff, you can visit their Legal Page. 

Most Useful Feature This ROM

  • The Phone is yours. Just the way you want it. For Instance, LineageOS makes it Possible.
  • The dark theme uses true-black to keep your battery life longer. Also Changes Google’s app look.
  • Also, Custom E-Mail App
  • Edge-to-edge gestures.
  • Custom dialer app with build-in-recorder
  • Smart Replay in all Messaging Apps.
  • Easily Location & Privacy Control.
  • In addition Focus Mode & Live Captions
  • Also Security Updates Faster.
  • Easily access Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls within your phone.

General FAQ

How best is LineageOS?

LineageOS is a custom ROM that gives you some added Tweaks & customization which basically helps in improving the overall user experience.

Does LineageOS required Root?

No, you don’t need Root to Install LineageOS. You just need a Proper ruining custom recovery Like TWRP Recovery and some basic knowledge of ROM installation.

Is LineageOS Stable?

Basically, the Official LineageOS version is stable which is provided by the developers. But LineageOS also has unofficial builds that may not be stable. So, make sure that you are installing an Official build.

LineageOS Stock Android?

Yes,it is a stock Android as LineageOS is based on the source code of stock Android with some added Tweaks. It is almost identical to the Google Stock interface. Unlike the most manufacturer’s ROMs,on Lineage OS you won’t find any bloatware.

What is Nightly LineageOS?

Rather than official builds LineageOS also offers Nightly builds which is basically less stable & gets updated on daily basis.

Lineage OS Android Distribution

Latest News

LineageOS extends the functionality and lifespan of mobile devices from more than 20 different manufacturers thanks to our open-source community of contributors from all around the world.

Power to You

Power users will enjoy Unix command-line utilities. Android developers will turn any device into the perfect device for apps development thanks to enhanced tools and exclusive API

Are you a new user?

First, verify your device code name & baseband version.Device code name(fortuna3g, primate,fortunave3g) & Model (G-530H,G-530FZ) are not same. So make sure before downloading. If you install firmware Not Supported Your device, any Problem, issues are your Responsibility. and I am not to help in any way. Advance User only. to Verify.

Make sure you have a Custom Recovery like a TWRP recovery or any other Custom Recovery. Install TWRP on Samsung using ODIN (it’s a generic guide that will work for TWRP as well as any other recovery.

Samsung Grand Prime Download Link:

LineageOS 17.1 Available Supported Device






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How To Install Ultima on Samsung Grand Prime.

Ultima Android 6.0.1 is a Touch-Wiz based Rom that brings newer experiences to an old but remains strong to look young. Ultima is a revival of Hybrid Development Team’s most popular ROM MIX

Install Miix5 Android Oreo on Samsung Grand Prime- Official Update!

This Rom Developed By TenSeventy7, Senior Member. XDA Developers. Special Thanks. ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop. Kernel: Linux 3.10.x.ROM. Firmware Required: TWRP. Based On: TouchWiz. 


Beautiful One:

  • Latest One UI guidelines, and the beauty of Dark mode (Coming soon)


  • Also, From icons, design, to the lock and home screen. Ultima is beautiful & elegant inside out.

Updated & Ported Apps:

  • Thanks to a lot of contributors to the project, Ultima includes authentic Samsung Apps from the latest Galaxies.

Truly Flexible:

  • Ultima is the most flexible ROM yet, with theming, icon, plugin, and wallpaper options out of the box. Not to mention Magisk support on the get-go, adding more possibilities of modding Ultima to your liking.
More Features
OneUI Styled apps.
OneUI Styled SystemUI
Samsung TouchWiz Launcher
Layers Pro Sipport.Themes!
Microg & Foss-Only support.
Dynamyc Status Bar.
Blue Light Filter.
Hiding icons in Status Bar

How To Install

  • Reboot to Recovery.
  • Wipe-Advance wipe- Dalvik- System-Cache-Data.
  • Flash Ultimi Zip First.
  • After Installing, flash desired plugins as well.
  • Reboot & Continue to setup.
  • Enjoy Ultima!

Are You a new User ?

First, verify your device code name. Device code name & model are not the same. Example- Model-G-530H, Device code-fortuna3g. So make sure before downloading. If you install firmware not supports, your device any problem, issue are your responsibility & I am not to help anyway. So be careful. Advance user Only. Verify code name

Full Backup you data, because anything goes wrong……

If You Install This ROM then you Visit Developer Site. Click here

Download Link.

530H XXU Fortuna3g

530H XCU Fortunave3g



1 Google

2 Microg

3 Bixby

4 All Share

5 Aurora-foss

6 Aurora-store

If you need to have the latest Android running on your phone, then you need to install a custom Android ROM like LinrageOS 71.1, LineageOS 16, AOSP, CrDroid, Resurrection Remix ROM, etc.

And this is not possible without a custom recovery like TWRP Recovery. So, make sure you have a proper recovery like a TWRP.

How to Install? With APK With ODIN

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আপনার ফোন কি স্যামসন্ গ্রান্ড Prime?

আপডেট করতে চান এ্যানরয়েড ১০ এ?

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Highlights Android 10

Android 10 is one of the latest Google-made Operation System updates you can get on your Android device. It was released in late 2019, but rolling out in 2020.

আপনার ছেলেমের মোবাইল ব্যবহারের নিয়ন্ত্রন থাকবে আপনার হাতে–Android10 highlights -just the way you want it.

Live Caption

Automatically Caption media playing on your device- With a Single tap. Video, audio messages-even stuff you record yourself, without mobile data.

Smart Replay

Android 10 Suggested to your message & take action as you replay. So, if a friend asks you out to dinner, your phone will suggest you text “”. Then, it’ll also pull up directions right in Google Maps. It even works in messaging apps like Signal.

Sound Amplifier

Hear What’s Around You More Clearly. You can boost sound, filter background noise, and fine-tune as you wish to hear best. Just plug in your Headphone hear everything ok, more clearly.

Gesture Navigation

The gesture is now quicker & Faster. Backward & Forwards, pull up the Homescreen & Swipe up to see your open apps. All super-duper smooth

Dark Theme

Take to Easy on your eyes & battery-Dark theme uses true black to keep your battery life longer. it also changes your Google Apps look.


security updates faster.
Family Link
Focus Mode

 Digital Wellbeing

Parental Control- Easily access Digital Wellbeing & Parental controls within your device or Phone’s setting menu. To create & maintain habits for the whole family.

Set Times- To set up Apps Timers, you can see how you spend your time and set daily limits for individual sites.


Install Digital Wellbeing (beta) Android Version 6 Or Higher-(Beta tester for this app)  Click here To Install

More Information Click here

How To Install Android 10 on Samsung Grand Prime

LineageOS 17.1

CrDroid 10

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How to Install Galaxy On7 Grand Prime.

Prime 3.2 Runs Android Nougat. It’s free, for you, and for the community. Always. Prime ensures a ton of surprises to you. Better performance and battery life. 4G-On 3-G, a new feature that enables LTE on 3-G-capable devices running & faster internet & download.

This Video Show Samsung Grand Prime- SM-G530H, XXU Fortuna3g.

This ROM Developed By- TenSeventy7, Senior Member. XDA Developers. Special Thanks. And Contributors-Jovic77abooooood, asarre, Has.007, Eden532, L3R0N, mdmaher.

  • ROM  OS Version: 7.x Nougat.
  • Kernel: Linux 3.10x
  • Firmware Required: TWRP 3.x
  • Based On: G600FYXXU1API13(Galaxy On Hybrid by Eden532)

This Rom is inspired by the most beautiful user experience for mobile devices, the Samsung Experience gets the beauty of an S8, without having to buy one. Just download & apply, with Icon Packs 7 the new AddONs for making your phone Unique.

Supported Device:  Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H/XXU, XCU, XXS, SM-G530F PrimeLte, SM-G530FZ/XXU, XXS.

First Verify Your Device baseband Version. Model (SM-G530H) Same but Baseband(XXU/XCU) Version various. Must be a full backup of your previous android version with TWRP Help. Make sure you have TWRP installed. How to Make sure your phone is fully charged to 60 to 80%

First Verify Your Device baseband Version. Model (SM-G530H) Same but Baseband(XXU/XCU) Version various. Must be full backup your previous android version with TWRP Help. Make sure you have TWRP installed. How to Make sure your phone is fully charged to 60 to 80%

Your Warranty is now void when you flash the ROM. I am not Responsible for any issue. Entry your own risk. 

Install Instructions:

  • Reboot To TWRP
  • Flash & Gapps
  • Customize your installation, then continue.
  • After installing the ROM, install the Add-ons you wish to install.
  • Reboot & Enjoy.

If You Install this Rom Please Visit Developer site

Camera Fix

History Of Samsung Galaxy On7

Samsung Galaxy On7 is an Android smartphone produced by Samsung Electronics that is exclusive to T-Mobile. It was unveiled and released in October 2015.

Samsung Galaxy On7 is powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Processor. It comes with 1.5GB RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, and an ample battery of 3000mAh. It’s fitted with a 5.5-inch TFT capacity touch screen.16M colors display and also includes a 13 MP rear camera and 5MP front camera.

This Phone is Officially released with Android 6.0.1 Model G600FY

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Install TWRP Using ODIN On Any Samsung Device.

Hello, Friends sample step by step guide how to Install TWRP recovery, using Odin flashing tools on any Samsung device or Tablet.

Install TWRP custom recovery require your Android’s boot loader to be unlocked and your warranty Void. & may delete all your data. Before processing the full backup of your Phone. You are the person doing changes to your phone, I am not responsible for your mistake done by you. So be careful.

What is TWRP recovery?

TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Project(TWRP) is a custom recovery for Android Phones or Tablets, which is an open-source project. It provides a Touch-Screen enabled interface that allows users to install thirty-party firmware & Apps and back up the current system which is functions often unsupported by stock recovery images.

If you need to have the latest Android running on your phone, then you need to install a custom Android ROM like LinrageOS 71.1, LineageOS 16, AOSP, CrDroid, Resurrection Remix Rom, etc. and this is not possible without a custom recovery like TWRP Recovery.

Download Link

Samsung USB Driver

Samsung ODIN

Galaxy Grand Prime (fortuna3g)TWRP Download For Grand Prime
Galaxy Grand PrimeVE (fortunave3g)TWRP Download For Grand Prime VE
Galaxy Grand DUOS (i9082)TWRP for Galaxy Grand DUOS
Galaxy J5TWRP download link for J500F
Galaxy J Docomo (js01lte)TWRP download for Galaxy J Docomo by kyasu
Galaxy J1 ACE (j1pop3gjv)TWRP download for Galaxy J1 ACE
Galaxy J7 2016 Exynos (j7xelte)TWRP download for Galaxy J7 2016 Exynos
Galaxy J7 2017 Exynos (j7elte)TWRP download for Galaxy J7 2017

Click here for another

Another Way to Install TWRP

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How To Install DotOS Base on Oreo Grand Prime

Doritos- ROM is a custom Android firmware based on Google’s Android Open Source Project, which is focused on Performance & Stability. Looking good feels great without struggling with Performance and battery! So that one can get the most out of his/her device……. Ler’s go Install on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime- SM-G530H fortuna3g

This is the User-Friendly thread. Hand-picked goodies, innovative ideas, and creative things that are added in the ROM to enhance user experience.

It is the latest build For Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. This build is fully stable & No Bug at all as well as better performs.

Rom OS Version: 8.x Oreo
ROM Kernel:  Linux 3.x
Rom Firmware Req: Must be Kitkat/Lollipop.
Base On: LineageOS.

Advance User Only. Entry Your own Risk. I am not responsible for any damage to this ROM in case anything goes wrong in your device. Strongly recommended so be Careful.

First Visit Developer site click here

Thirdly, and most importantly—-

DotOS source

DotOS-Device Sources
Google Plus CommunityTelegram Group
Telegram Channel

Install Instruction:

  • Download dotOS Rom & Gapps Zip File & Copy your SD Card.
  • Full Backup Your device
  • Reboot To Recovery with TWRP How-To
  • Wipe-Advance wipe
  • Dalvik, System, Cache, Date
  • Flash the latest build & Gapps
  • Reboot & Enjoy

Essential Help

Verify Your Device Code

Backup Your Device with TWRP

Install TWRP With ODIN


Make Your Device Look & Feel Great Again


DotOS Aims to keep the Ethnicity  in its design Language giving it a edge over generic ROMs you would find Unique.


Besides from being Light-Weight, It has got all the efficient performance patches that gives you a lag free experience.


Keep the necessary features to customize your devices-With DotExtras Dedicated for Customising your Device.


Managed to keep the OS as light as possible without removing any feature to give a lag-free experience.

Open Source

Completely Open Source and Being Maintained on GitHub Organisation.

Up to Date

Officially Supported devices will get Notified with Latest releases and updates.

Samsung Grand Prime Download Link:

DotOS ROM for fortuna3g




Google Apps-Gapps

Note: Choose Arm – 8.1. Pico, Nano, or Micro Gapps are recommended. We don’t prefer STOCK/HEAVY Gapps

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