How to Install Cydia on iPhone


Cydia What’s

Cydia is free to use any jailbreak tools. It’s a thirty-party app store. Mobile package manager app for iOS devices. This Software not authorized by Apple on jailbroken iPhone,iPod touch devices. It also to a digital distribution platform for software on iOS accessed through Cydia software.

Cydia is also free to include Tweak Box, an external store that contains flash apps, tweak, unofficial games, and thousands of other apps from the iOS app store for free.

When iOS Devices Jailbreak Cydia Automatic Install.

When Android device RootSU(Super User) Automatic Install.

What is Jailbreak? how it works.


Users are advised to use these resources at their own risk.

Top Features:

  • Cydia app contains modification & tweaks that can you used to improve modify or change any part of iOS Devices.
  • Download themes & tweaks to change the appearance of your device.
  • Plenty of unofficial apps and games. 
  • You can add new functions to standard iOS features.
  • Lots of ringtone, wallpapers & other useful features.

Install Instruction:

First– Before performing the jailbreak, you should Backup Your Personal Data on your iPhone or iPad. Connect your phone to a Computer or Laptop via iPhone USB cable & transfer your data to Save them in Your iCloud Account. (Below Picture)

আপনার আই ফোনটি জেলব্রেক করার পূবের্ আবশ্যই আই টিউন, থ্রিইউ টুলস্ বা আই ক্যাউড এ্যাকাউন্টে ব্যাকআ রাখবেন।

Second– After the Backup,deactivate the Code Lock or Touch this feature must be deactivated for the Jailbreak Process.

আবশ্যই স্কীন লক ডিজেবল করে দিবেন।

Third– Find My iPhone Turn Off.

Fourth- Must Be Date & Time- 2 June 2014 2:49PM

Download 3U Tools Click here

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