Install TWRP Using ODIN On Any Samsung Device.


Hello, Friends sample step by step guide how to Install TWRP recovery, using Odin flashing tools on any Samsung device or Tablet.

Install TWRP custom recovery require your Android’s boot loader to be unlocked and your warranty Void. & may delete all your data. Before processing the full backup of your Phone. You are the person doing changes to your phone, I am not responsible for your mistake done by you. So be careful.

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What is TWRP recovery?

TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Project(TWRP) is a custom recovery for Android Phones or Tablets, which is an open-source project. It provides a Touch-Screen enabled interface that allows users to install thirty-party firmware & Apps and back up the current system which is functions often unsupported by stock recovery images.


If you need to have the latest Android running on your phone, then you need to install a custom Android ROM like LinrageOS 71.1, LineageOS 16, AOSP, CrDroid, Resurrection Remix Rom, etc. and this is not possible without a custom recovery like TWRP Recovery.

Download Link

Samsung USB Driver

Samsung ODIN

Galaxy Grand Prime (fortuna3g)TWRP Download For Grand Prime
Galaxy Grand PrimeVE (fortunave3g)TWRP Download For Grand Prime VE
Galaxy Grand DUOS (i9082)TWRP for Galaxy Grand DUOS
Galaxy J5TWRP download link for J500F
Galaxy J Docomo (js01lte)TWRP download for Galaxy J Docomo by kyasu
Galaxy J1 ACE (j1pop3gjv)TWRP download for Galaxy J1 ACE
Galaxy J7 2016 Exynos (j7xelte)TWRP download for Galaxy J7 2016 Exynos
Galaxy J7 2017 Exynos (j7elte)TWRP download for Galaxy J7 2017

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Another Way to Install TWRP

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