Install TWRP Using ODIN On Any Samsung Device.

Hello, Friends sample step by step guide how to Install TWRP recovery, using Odin flashing tools on any Samsung device or Tablet. Install TWRP custom recovery require your Android’s boot loader to be unlocked and your warranty Void. & may delete all your data. Before processing the full backup of your Phone. You are the …
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How to Root & TWRP-Android Device

Rooting is a process that allows to access the Android Operating system. It gives you privileges to modify the software code on your device and also install other software that the manufacturer normally allows you to. Rooting Device complete control over the system and that power can be misused if you’re not careful……….Install a Root …
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Android Oreo

Install Miix 5 In Grand Prime[ Official Update ] Special Thanks -This ROM was developed by Hybrid_developers_Xda And Jovice77 Senior Member Of XDA. Android version – 8.0.1Based on the Android TouchWiz project. I am not responsible for any damage to this ROM in case anything goes wrong in your device. Miix is one of the …
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